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Do We Really Need Metaphysics?

Post Modern Nihilism and the Need for Metaphysics
By Ryhan Higgins
Metaphysics as of late has become a bit of a dirty word among scholars and intellectuals, particularly within the postmodern and existentialist frameworks which have come to color much of our contemporary thought.
Postmodernism in the words of Jean Francois Lyotard is generally characterized as being ‘an incredulity toward metanarratives’.  Such incredulity is characterized in the works of many notable postmodern thinkers such as Foucault and Derrida whose main focus has been on deconstructing concepts and paradigms that have generally been considered ‘essential’.The ultimate goal here being to show their inherent contradictions and absurdity and hence their nonessential nature and dispensability.
The general impetus for this movement stems mainly from the leftist political agendas which have dominated the social sciences, such being epitomized in the works of critical theorists and the Franfurt School, particularly that…

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